1. Six Shot Monday Sunday.  I meant to put this up yesterday but I got so busy it just slipped my mind.  Anyway, I’m way to impatient to wait another week to post this so I’ll just leave it here today.  You can see the last Six Shot Sunday that I did here

  2. My new blog header over at davebardin.com

  3. Three different versions of Link from The Legend of Zelda.  


  4. Hey tumblr pals! Let’s be friends on the Twitter. Follow the link to see and read what’s going on with me in 140 characters or less. Thanks!

  5. Black Widow from my current solo show, “Heroine Addiction”.  


  6. wibbly--wobbly--fandomy--wandomy asked: *raises hand* what's Heroine Addiction? it sounds kickass

    Thank you for raising your hand and not just calling out :).  Heroine Addiction is my current solo art show.  It celebrates super heroines from comics, movies, and pop culture.  The show is currently showing at the Twin Oaks Gallery in San Marcos, California.  You can see more updates from Twin Oaks Gallery here and you can purchase limited edition show prints from the show here.  

  7.  Merida from Pixar’s “Brave” from my current solo show “Heroine Addiction”. 

  8. Batgirl in Technicolor from my current solo show “Heroine Addiction”.  

  9. Zatanna.  Another piece from my current solo show, “Heroine Addiction”. 

  10. "She-Hulk" another illustration from my current solo show, "Heroine Addiction".  

  11. "Shades of Grey"  one of the pieces from my solo show "Heroine Addiction" 

  12. It’s summer time and I hate all of the wasps buzzing around on my back patio.  It looks like Wolverine and Banshee share my disdain.  My apologies to all the Banshee fans out there, just having a little fun.  

  13. Warm up sketch of the day. 

  14. I’m having an art show on July 13th at the Twin Oaks Gallery in San Marcos.  Click here to go to the Facebook event page for more info.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  

  15. Storm: An Illustration I Just Finished For An Upcoming Show.